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Beauty and Fashion

Want a WOW image. Get your low  to mid level beauty & fashion portfolio or look book retouched by us. From basic enhancements of skin tones , to removing blemishes, wrinkles and dark circles and colour correcting your images, we will do it all. Additionally any specific instructions or adjustments like removing the unwanted objects, enhancing the face and body parts and teeth whitening . Let your photos glow just never before.

Complexity 1

The first level of complexity includes portraits and included editing minor imperfection. Blemishes ,wrinkles, spots , unwanted hair are edited and the image is made picture perfect for albums or portfolios. Mostly used by portrait and family photographer doing bulk shooting.

Complexity 2

This level of complexity involves detail Skin correction of fine lines and blemishes and textures . Skin is the most vital part to retouch any image. An even and perfect skin tone without seeming airbrushed is the key to a perfectly edited image. Makeup errors, similar texture in the skin colour, removing fine lines, unwanted lines, smoothening skin are all done under this category. Time taken is more on these images and more skilled retoucher are required. Mostly used by fashion and editorial photographers.

Complexity 3

This complexity is used for Look book retouching for Fashion shoots. Making changes in the background and model and removing any kind of imperfections in the backdrop for look book shoots. Any imperfections in the garments to the texture of the skin of the model, all are taken into account to deliver the perfect shot as per the instructions of the photographer. Mostly used by fashion and Ecommerce photographers for catalogue and campaign shoots.

Complexity 4

This complexity is used for location shoot and major image alteration. Colour correcting the image to make the perfect lighting the photographer wanted. Removing unwanted objects and major obstructions from the picture to give it the perfect feel. All tools and techniques are used to deliver the final image. Mostly used by glamour, fashion photographers .