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Clipping Path

Clipping path removes any unwanted background from an image and replaces the image with a new and very alluring background. The process uses Adobe Photoshop. Perfection depends from person to person, depending on the skills of the graphic designer. Creating a clipping path for just one image may not require much of time. But when the images are in bulk, it is a hectic job to sit and edit each of the images if the person is not experienced one.

Here is a rundown on the difficulty levels of clipping path:-

Level 1 Difficulty

This is the elementary stage of clipping path for removing backgrounds. The objects which are used are very simple in shapes such as bottles, rectangular solid figures, boxes etc. The pricings are very low for these orders and they usually come in bulk. The processing time takes around 2 -3 minutes to complete one image.

Level 2 Difficulty

The images which require clipping path in this stage have complex shapes and outlines. It requires a microscopic eye to create a clipping path, keeping at par with the minute details. Only a skilled graphic designer is able to manage products such as net, fences, chains, cycle, baskets, flowers etc while handling the holes and curves very carefully. Due to the various complexities in the images, it becomes a tedious task to attain perfection. The processing time takes around 30 – 60 minutes.

Level 3 Difficulty

Here, the difficulty level is more complex. Zigzag patterned images and huge machineries also come under this level. When multiple objects are brought together in a single frame, the difficulty level goes higher. This, for an instance could be of the images of an industry showing the working mechanisms of various parts. These images can take around 2-3 hours. The tools are various – pen tool, channel masking etc.

Level 4 Difficulty

This is the most extreme form of clipping path. This has to be done with 100% dedication and requires a top skilled and experienced graphic designer. Advertising images for magazines, catalogues, foliage and flowers, etc require this service .In this level, Pen Tool is always used for creating the clipping path. This process is also used to remove hairy and furry images with extra complex clipping paths.