Hair Masking Editing

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Hair Masking Editing

Want your image to stand out in the background ? Want your fuzzy hair to look natural and fashionable? Let us do the image masking for you. Get the soft edges of hair, skin, fur, clothing etc separated from the background with proper adjustments in colour tone, image exposer, brightness, contrast. Take the image in the format of your use PSD, Tiff , PNG and use it for multiple purposes and formats.

Complexity 1

This category involves masking of hair images for bulk simple portrait images and head shots using the most basic tools and masking techniques. Speed and accuracy are the major requirements for this kind of work.

Complexity 2

For fur and fizzy hair and complex hair masks. We use the alpha channel and other advance hair masking techniques to extract the hair to the white background of your choice or a transparent background so you can choose your own background.